Aaron Stinski, Head Instructor

Aaron Stinski began his training under Master Lloyd Holden at the American Kyuki-Do Federation (AKF) Martial Arts Academy of Janesville, Wisconsin in 1990. In 2005, career changes and a new family required him to reduce his training regimen. Now Aaron is back on the mat and excited to bring training and education in the martial arts to his hometown of Edgerton.

Mr. Stinski earned his First Degree Black Belt in 1993 and became an assistant instructor at the AKF Martial Arts Academy of Janesville. He tested for his Second Degree in 1997, and intends to promote to Third Degree this year. He had the privilege of being named an AKF Assistant Instructor of the Year, and held a Grand Champion title with AKF in 1997.

Mr. Stinski continues to train under Master Holden in Kyuki-Do, Juijitsu, and Judo. In addition, he has trained in other martial arts disciplines including Philippine stick and knife fighting; Jeet Kune Do; Muay Thai kickboxing; and Japanese Budo/Bushido Karate.

Mr. Stinski believes that hard work in the Dojang, both physical and psychological, is of enormous benefit for all practitioners which directly translates to a better quality of life in all facets.